Now is the time to reach farther than we have reached before.

We all sometimes feel disconnected when we see ourselves next to the vast interconnections of technology. The corridors of our own deepest and loneliest thoughts already had us in an abyss of facaded “neighborly” seclusion. Whispering in an intimate ear, or shouting from a thousand miles away it can seem like no one can hear what we need to say. Our doubts and perceptions of lack — of reflection from others can become a place of fear, which loosens the long fallen arch of the string between our tin-cup connections. That’s what we long for after all; the nostalgia of those long gone ways of saying and hearing, “I love you” or having a   fun and grateful moment with a true friend. Distance. So close yet so far away, as the old saying goes. Distance in the stores. Distance in a world gone to unknown ways, and distance across the void to a future we want to belong to; like the “belongings” of our memories, of the ways our lives once were. And, what is change — other than distance — from so
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